Author: Connie Gatlin

…another birthday…

I know there is no time in heaven. No calendars we earthlings fill up with appointments and dates and birthdays. No months…no days…no years…just flowing eternal grace and goodness. He will not know it is his birthday. There will be no cake nor candles and no gaily wrapped presents. The glories of heaven will surely

A Thanksgiving Moment

  It was Thanksgiving.  And it was the most exciting Thanksgiving we had yet to live through.  For the second Christmas season, Abigail was performing as a Radio City Rockette.  And this season, she was in the cast that would be performing the Macy’s parade. When you work as a Rockette, your holiday travel is

A Fresh Breeze

Hello, Gorgeous! Lately, I’ve had many days of driving across the state to Vanderbilt Medical.  Because it is a road I now know well, I try to occupy my mind with productive thoughts.  Years ago I developed a habit of scribbling notes in a notebook resting on the armrest beside my seat.  Because I scribble

The fall of my sophomore year…

Those long snaky fingers.   Those long, dark snaky fingers of track that cross farmlands and woodland streams, that tie industrial cities up in knots, that carry everything from blackened coal from the guts of the earth to the farm produce for the dinner tables of Park Avenue…the tracks.  You can stand on them and feel

It’s his birthday

September 19, 2018 It’s His Birthday   It’s his birthday.  This creature called Clark who was so many things wrapped up in a small bundle.  He was our fifth child.  Nicholas, our first stillbirth.  Alexandra, our second stillbirth.  One miscarriage.  A beautiful answer to prayer we called Abigail, so aptly named because it means “Source

Movie Moments

Movie Moments September 2, 2018   It was her first job after college. An audition, an offer, and a move to a teeny, tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Virginia. A tobacco town of pre-Civil-War mansions and a renovated tobacco warehouse that now housed an art gallery, a theatre, and rehearsal spaces. She was excited. 

“I come shrue for you!”

It’s the spring of 2018, and a pivotal moment in this gal’s life.  I’m headed to a writer’s conference that will be, I pray, the days that determine just whether or not I will actively pursue this business of writing.  I’ve toyed with it for years.  Had a wonderful experience writing for the Museum Center