…another birthday…

I know there is no time in heaven. No calendars we earthlings fill up with appointments and dates and birthdays. No months…no days…no years…just flowing eternal grace and goodness. He will not know it is his birthday. There will be no cake nor candles and no gaily wrapped presents. The glories of heaven will surely eclipse the need for such earthly trivia. But I pray that someone there who knows him and loves him will hug his sweet self for me. Will sing him a song that he loved. “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” were his favorites. I hope someone will smile into his sparkling eyes and laugh with him as his own laughter made bubbling music that filled the air around him all the time.

I know there is no time in heaven…that’s a burden we earthlings must bear. But I know where he is and I know a day will come…An earth day will come when I join him …when I hug him… When I run my hands through his beautiful blonde curls…his was such a sparkling persona… Filled with mischief… And a fiercely strong temper… but he loved his momma…And he adored his sister “Awby”…

So I do not wonder where he is… But I do wonder what he knows… What he sees… I wonder what the heavenly beings think about those of us left here on earth. I wonder what he thinks about his father’s betrayal. I wonder if he sees me sitting on his hill in my tired old lawn chair. I wonder if he is proud of his sister and her accomplishments. Do our loved ones in heaven know what we are about… Do our loved ones in heaven feel pride or disappointment… do our loved ones in heaven know that we’re coming?

We are coming…and if there is any doubt whether or not you are headed that way… Take care of your business with Jesus. Take care of your soul’s final place. Take care that you are going to the place of unencumbered calendars, days and months. Unhurried by clocks and tick-tocking moments… Ticking our way through life on this earth. Take care. Settle your business with Jesus. Secure your place …secure your ticket to the place where there is no time… Only eternity…flowing with grace and goodness.

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5 comments on “…another birthday…”

  • Leslie Bennett

    Happy birthday to your sweet boy! I know you miss him terribly. Thankful for the hope we have in Jesus.

  • Debbie Cox

    Connie, I know Dennis is hugging Clark and he us surrounded by his loved ones. Love you!! Prayers for you. Debbie

  • Lettie

    Absolutely beautiful and such an important call to take care of business! ❤️

  • Miriam

    Beautiful thoughts, Connie! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Diane Lillard

    Oh Connie, I remember that sweet smile and bundle of energy! I remember the light in his eyes as would pop in and out of Assosiation Meetings at your Dinning Table. I think of the pain you encountered and the outpouring of prayers and love from those who knew you that couldn’t even begin to fill the void you felt. When we loose someone who holds our heart hostage in love nothing can ever sooth that. You are so right, all those comprehension question words we so dilentgently teach will be answered in God’s Time. What a homecoming that will be! I love you Connie and have such respect for you and your blessed talents. You have always been an inspiration to me!