Sunday After Sunday

A Small Child, A Small Church, A Small Town... A Big Laugh!

Available June 3rd!

We all have stories, and the importance of stories cannot be overstated. Our lives are composed of stories that tie one moment of time to the next moment of our journey. Jesus imparted the essence of His importance through the stories he told. The history of mankind has been passed from age to age through stories. The beating heart of a family is lovingly engendered in the next generation by the telling of stories. We all have stories, and the pages of Sunday After Sunday are my stories.

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A Thanksgiving Moment

  It was Thanksgiving.  And it was the most exciting Thanksgiving we had yet to live through.  For the second Christmas season, Abigail was performing as a Radio City Rockette.  And this season, she was in the cast that would be performing the Macy’s parade. When you work as a Rockette, your holiday travel is

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The Shuptrine Exhibit Opening

Opening, Shuptrine Exhibit, Museum Center at 5ive Points                                                   September 18, 2018 Magic.  Talkin’ ‘bout a recipe for magic.  Droplets of water from a gurgling spring that provided life for the

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A Fresh Breeze

Hello, Gorgeous! Lately, I’ve had many days of driving across the state to Vanderbilt Medical.  Because it is a road I now know well, I try to occupy my mind with productive thoughts.  Years ago I developed a habit of scribbling notes in a notebook resting on the armrest beside my seat.  Because I scribble

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